Brian Madsen presents on Expression

Brian Madsen, MVP presented to the Port80 user group a few weeks ago.

The pod cast has just become available for download if you want a copy of it!






Comments (5)

  1. So that photo I took of you before I nominated you to be an MVP…you think there wasnt a reason for that? 🙂

  2. Now thats just freaky!! Brian – you have a twin!!! 🙂

  3. Brian H. Madsen says:

    shaddup guys!!! i’m way better looking (albeit fatter)!!

    it’s a bit unnerving how much we look alike..scary but hey, at least i know for sure that there’s at least two people in this world with a vision 🙂 he’s an MVP too!! i wonder if the baldness, glasses, beard is a requirement we aren’t quite aware of?

  4. Brian H. Madsen says:

    he all comes back to me now!!

    so, we have unearthed the recipe for the MVP award…i wonder how many fits this description.

    MVP Award Recipe

    Looks: very handsome

    Hair: very short, preferably bald

    Eyes: two, preferably his/her own

    Beard: yes, women are not excepted from this criteria

    Glasses: yes

    Overweight: yes


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