Comment Spam time of year again

Its happened before and its happening again. Almost every hour or so Im getting someone trying to put his comment spam on my blog. This time the person is trying to appeal to my sense of sympathy with a comment starting line of "Hi, if you good moderator, you don't kill my message ;)".

Well Mr Spammer...guess what? I killed them. I killed all 30 of them. Im not sympathetic to your irritating cause. Give up already!

Comments (3)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Well, i’m definitely not the only one that gets bitten by the spam-phreaks. Michael seems to have finally

  2. Scott Barnes says:

    Ok Ok… i’ll stop it geez… i need your link boost-love to help mine rank on Google.

    As seems to have figured out a way to ignore that.

    *shamless plug*

    (the funny part here is i’m spamming your blog, with pro-Microsoft stuff that is useful info instead of non-useful information whilst ignorin the context of the actual post.. i kind of inversed the usual spam approach).

    I should leave.

  3. Dugie says:

    Kill them all, mwhahahahah!

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