Does a burger get any bigger?

So before I start blogging about the stuff I saw last week at our internal conference I saw something that I just had to take a photo of in Seattle Airport:

Take a look at the BK Stacker in the middle. In the centre of the photo is a two meat pattie burger which already looks massive but then I looked to the left and there was a three pattie burger....Oh my goodness I just doesnt get any bigger than that but then I looked to the right. Oh Yes if three massive lumps of meat isnt enough theres the four pattie version for you! Imagine trying to eat that!

So I asked the guy at the counter - "Do you sell many of those?"

"We sell a few' he said

So Im imagining a guy with a mouth the size of a Tyrannosaurus Rex trying to fit his mouth around it. I couldnt help but laugh!

Update 23/2/2007:

So on Friday just gone I was at McDonalds with the family. Im relating to the staff there about the gigantic burgers they have in the USA. They say to me "We have those here too - we do make a four pattie burger but we're not allowed to advertise it on the board - you want one?" I politely decline and realise that I need to update my blog.....:) 


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  1. Parky says:

    Can you imaging the calories in that? That would last me for a week.

  2. Theres something wrong with you Scott 🙂

    What put you to sleep was probably that massive lump of beef in your gut your poor body had to process!! It shut you down while it did it! 🙂

  3. Frank Arrigo says:

    dude – you havent met the monster thick burger then

    The Monster Thickburger is a type of double-bacon cheeseburger introduced by the St. Louis, Missouri-based Hardee’s chain of fast-food restaurants in the United States. The burger contains 1,410 calories (5,900 kJ), 107 grams of fat, and 2740 mg of sodium.

    Ingredients include a sesame-seed bun, mayonnaise, bacon, cheese, butter-flavored shortening and two patties of ground beef made from Angus cattle for a total of 2/3 lb (300 g) (uncooked) of meat.

    The marketing of this burger may represent a neo-comfort food movement against alarms raised by nutritionists about an obesity epidemic. In an interview on CNBC, Hardee’s CEO Andrew Puzder said sarcastically that the sandwich was "not a burger for tree huggers." Sales for the 2,067-restaurant chain have risen steadily since the introduction of the Thickburger family in 2003, with same-store sales up 7.8% annually.

  4. Dean Holland says:

    A colleague and I saw this when we ventured into Burger King in Vegas last year. We weren’t game enough to try it, and with good reason.

    A month or so after we got back The West Australian ran an article on the Quad Stacker. More fat in one serve than the recommended daily intake. I’m not sure Qantas would have appreciated either of us having a heart attack half way through the LA-Sydney flight 🙂

  5. OffBeatMammal says:

    I had one last weekend – because my wife wasn’t with me!

    I ordered it with extra bacon.

    Took it to the park and shared it with my dog.

    We both needed the walk after that!

    Never again!

  6. Scott Barnes says:

    I actually bougt one! (I was at LAX and starving and thought, screw that – 1x Please with Onion Rings).

    It put me to sleep on the flight home and i managed to eat all of it… and thats where this conversation ends :0

    (The bacon in the US is abnormal, compared to Aus).

  7. Andrew Shugg says:

    Biggest burger (accepted) that I’m currently aware of is "The Big Bob’s Texas Belt Buster" at 78.5 pounds (35.6kg). Oddly enough, Bob’s BBQ & Grill Restaurant is in Thailand, not Texas.  =)

    There are many contenders though …

    I have to say, the existence of some of these web sites worries me.  =)

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