2000 Bloggers??

I got told today that Im on "2000 bloggers". Ive still yet to find out what that is or where I am on it but Ive already recogised our own Chuck Sterling and Perth's Linux UG VP Leon Brooks from the list. Any more of you out there on it??

Comments (2)

  1. Blake Handler says:


    But boy what an annoying website to view — I’ll never go back there again. (I viewed the source to "find" you).

    But I’ve got to ask — what the heck is that page about???

  2. ilker says:

    Here is a less annoying page: <a href="http://ilkeryoldas.blogspot.com/2007/01/project-2000-bloggers.html">What is 2000 Bloggers?</a>

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