Readify does journalism!

I got this in my email yesterday. Not sure that I actually subscribed to this but anyway...a local Australian company Readify is getting its employees to write some articles on various topics. Some famous faces here in the list including Aaron and Mitch! Well done guys!


Vista – What it means to your business and to your developers
by Aaron Saikovski
Are you ready for the latest offering from Microsoft? Do you wait? Or do you dive straight in? What awaits you if you do decide to deploy the latest technologies from Microsoft? read more...

Continuous Integration (Part Two) - Using TFS Integrator
by Mitch Denny - MVP (ASP/ASP.NET)
My previous article Continuous Integration (Part One) - What Is It? introduced Continuous Integration and explained how it can help your development teams. This article zooms in on successfully achieving Continuous Integration using Team Foundation Server. read more...

SQL Server Express (Part Two) - How User Instances Work
by Scott Baldwin
Much to the frustration and dismay of database professionals, many data driven applications use backend storage mechanisms such as Microsoft Jet database engine, XML or text based files or worse still some proprietary file. This article provides an understanding of why many of these old systems are still in place and why you should consider adopting SSE - the free version of SQL Server 2005. read more...

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  1. Mitch Denny says:

    Hopefully we didn’t just spam you illegally!

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