Security Summit 2007 Australia

In my last post on this topic I discussed some ideas we were toying with around the Security Summit. We are trying to meet the needs of the broader community more than just the bigger businesses which tend to have greater technology capabilities than the smaller companies.

We are thinking of running two events now. One for the medium to smaller businesses which tend to have less capability in areas and one for the bigger business that generally has very mature infrastructure and capabilities. Please don't get offended at our segmentation of the two events. Theres nothing stopping you attending either one if the content interests you in either. Its just a broad generalisation!

So for the first event the content is likely to be focused around three main areas that we have heard consistently in survey feedback. Also this event will be free.

1. How do I fully protect the network from Viruses, Spyware and general Malware? (Likely to touch on defense in depth hardening, Forefront Client Security etc)

2. How do I prepare for data backup and restore and recover? (Likely to include "how to's" with what you have, DPM and Windows Server 2003 R2. Also may touch on SAN)

3. How can I deploy Secure Wireless solutions that are scalable and manageable? (Will be very prescriptive and show exactly how to build a secure wireless solution)


We are still going along the path of being very solution oriented. That means we talk about current approaches that fail, show a better architecture, show how you make it happen and then give you all the resources on a DVD for you to take home and replicate in your own test environment.

So thats the first event.

We will also run a "bigger business" event in Melbourne and Sydney. This we havent got quite nailed down yet but thinking is to be deep in content rather than fluffy overview and will be focused around Security and Management. This will be a low cost paid for event - heres some of the content ideas. Tell me if you agree with them and which ones you would go to.


Security products & solutions
• Anti Malware using Forefront - Client Security, Exchange & Sharepoint. A "how to" style of session and push into what it can do and how.
ISA Server 2006 - pick out some scenarios and drill into each one and how to make it happen
• Vista Security

• How to de-bug an app...what IT Pro’s need to know - a very deep session by some of the 3rd tier product support guys
NAP / NAC solution architecture and configuration jointly in conjunction with Cisco

Management products & solutions
• MOM/Systems Centre Essentials
• WSUS 3
• SCCM 2007 (the version after SMS 2003)
• Unix / Linux interop with AD session
• Windows CardSpace/PKI (Certificate Lifecycle Manager)

• Data management – (MOSS, SQL, Exchange, Infopath, RMS) link with compliance


Whats your thinking? Send me feedback through the feedback form or leave a comment so we can discuss it. I did use your feedback in the last meeting!

Comments (4)

  1. Hey Sarah!

    No unfortunately the big business event will be Sydney and Melbourne only but those will be paid events also. Was there something in the content for the big business event that interested you? Perhaps we can help? 🙂

  2. Sorry – there wont be developer content at this years Security Summit.

  3. RockyH says:

    What’s on the cards for the Software / Dev side of the house?

  4. Sarah Steele says:

    Hi Michael,

    Will Brisbane be considered for the "bigger business" event?

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