WADST: Exchange Server Patch available

OK so as per a previous blog comment, Yes I can confirm a patch exists.

  • If you call PSS and quote KB 928462 the patch you'll get is for Exchange 2003 SP2

  • If you call PSS and quote KB 928468 the patch youll get is for Exchange 2003 SP1

Both of these are for OWA only. They are not for any custom MAPI code youve written that does auto accepts or anything like that. Thats still coming....

So at present theres still an issue with existing appointments created before the OS patch was applied being an hour out. I blogged previously about a local WA company called Beacon Software producing a tool which moves the appointments for you en masse. Theres also another one by a company called Planet Software in Adelaide that has a similar one called Outlook Appointment Mover. Apparently theres also some script from a guy in Canberra that did a similar thing for the Commonwealth Games last year.

Big Disclaimer: I cannot verify or confirm the effectiveness or stability of any of these tools. Im providing information for your own testing purposes and you assume all risk in the event it fails or causes massive issues. Test first!!


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  1. Mathew Archibald says:

    I just rang Microsoft Customer Support to get the OWA patch for Exchange and was told by the tech that the patches have been revoked and are no longer available?

    Is this true and if so are there plans to rerelease the patch or just wait until the larger worldwide DST patch?

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