WA DST Part 4

Alright - its nearly upon us now. A couple of new things thats come to hand:

1. Windows 2000 now has a patch. Check out the http://www.microsoft.com.au/timezone page for more.

2. Theres been a revision to the patch. Go to the download page for it. Theres been a number of fixes including deployment and fixes for Vista.

3. Beacon Technology - a great and experienced local WA company has built some software that will fix your Outlook appointments and put them back into the right time. Contact them for details and pricing on it. This will certainly save some pain! I cant vouch for it as I havent tried it.

4. Lastly - no there will not be a patch for Windows Mobile 5, WinCE devices or SmartPhones! The workaround is to set your timezone to GMT+9. Dont set your time manually or ActiveSync over the air will fail.



Update: 4/12/06 Fixed incorrect link to the new patch.

Comments (4)

  1. Anonymous says:

    So this weekend Daylight Savings came to our friends in the West. Our resident sandgropper, Michael Kleef

  2. Luke Notley says:

    The patch is the same time/date/version as the previous one and still doesn’t fix Vista, anyone else?

  3. Moolsie says:

    Thanks for the update.   I noticed it was for SP2 which poses a problem.

    Unfortunately like alot of companies, ours decided not to go to SP2 due to the cost of restesting the applications.

    When I spoke to Microsoft, they stated SP1 is not supported, even though the original patch is listed as supported.  The engineer was also kind enough to point out the orginal patch was also not released for W2K3, when the web site states otherwise.

    Looks like we are going back to the lab….

  4. Michael Clapsis says:

    Exchange Patch – An exchange patch has been made but is not yet listed on the MS site.  If you need the patch call PSS and ask for the patch associated with KB928462.  From what I can see it updates 3 dll’s – 1 for owa, 1 for cdo, and 1 for free/busy info.



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