WA Daylight Savings – Part 3

Good news - the patch for Windows has gone live to the Microsoft.com downloads site and can be found here http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyID=c6a2c8fe-abda-4051-a24f-3ec933089747&DisplayLang=en. Thanks to David and dogs for making me aware that it released. Theres more to come in December with an Exchange patch coming.


We are about to make the site live on Microsoft.com that refers to the impacts and release dates for the changes. That site will be http://www.microsoft.com/australia/technet/timezone/. Its either going to go live today or tomorrow. Watch out for it and follow the guidance carefully!!


To answer Brad Saviel's and Glens questions on my previous post. The issue will be Outlook calendar items. Because these calendar items were all created before daylight savings came into effect all calendar items will be out by one hour. This is even after the patch is applied or through the the use of the manual methods such as registry changes, the use of tzedit.exe or manually switching timezones the effect will be the same...the computer will think that its moved timezones because these items were created before the patch was applied. The reason Sydney or Melbourne dont face this is that their machines already have daylight savings aware timezones and their calendar items were created with this in mind.

Theres a good article to reference on this topic that affected the country when the Commonwealth Games timezones were present for the year. Its at http://support.microsoft.com/kb/909915 and provides advise on the likely impacts. Do not download the package within this article though! It was for the Commonwealth Games not WA DST!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    So this weekend Daylight Savings came to our friends in the West. Our resident sandgropper, Michael Kleef

  2. Theres a reason for everything Netweb! Its because the current WA one is an interim patch. The timezone patch will change yet again when the current DST period ends to reflect the alignment and dates for the rest of the country.

  3. Gawain – Im not sure. Try it on a test win2k machine and check. Given Windows 2000 is in extended support now means unless you have an extended support agreement there wont be a specific patch released for it.

    Derek – device O/S update? What do you mean? Did you look at my previous post comments on WinCE based devices?

  4. Thats good news Mathew about win2k.

    Though there wont be an outlook patch. There will be an Exchange one though.

  5. OK so now that its released – albeit rushed theres a couple of known issues.

    – Patch doesnt work on Vista

    – Deployment through SMS fails

    – The MSI could be better…

    All of these are known and its expected that an updated patch will come out tomorrow.

    Exchange patch will be out after Dec 3rd. Theres no specific ETA that I can share yet.

    Windows Update will not host the patch. You have several alternatives in either using the direct registry application, tzedit or the patch that you can deploy through logon scripts etc. To me the registry edit is easiest through a "regedit /s filename.reg" style of thing. Consult the website for more guidance on each of these approaches.

  6. And sadly it has not been rolled into the other update released for other world DST changes.


  7. danovich says:

    Thanks Michael.

    FYI – I’ve also tested on W2K with no problems.  I know MS can’t offically say it works since it’s in extended support 😉

  8. danovich says:

    Any hint of when the Exchange patch will be available? http://www.microsoft.com/australia/technet/timezone/ says that a ptach will be available ‘shortly’

  9. Gawain says:

    We have 2000 Sp4 machines, thsi patch only says down to XP Home…will it work on 2000 pro machines?

  10. Afternoon Michael,

    Apart from doing the obvious on the Smartphones and other Windows Mobile devices.  Is there any likely hood of a device o/s update?


  11. Mathew Archibald says:

    I’ve just tested the patch on Windows 2000 and it added in the daylight savings box to the date and time settings. I haven’t tested the crossover to daylight savings.

    Now just need to wait for the Outlook patch and also figure out how to roll this out to hundreds of computers and tick the box.



  12. Daniel Myers says:

    Hi All,

    "Theres more to come in December with an Exchange patch coming" – What does this mean for us.

    Will there be major exchange issues between December 3rd and the patch release/installation for exchange?

  13. Liam says:

    Hi Michael,

    Will the patch be available through WSUS?



  14. Doug Bell says:


    Do you know if this patch will be available through WSUS?  If I remember correctly, the Commonwealth Games one was …

  15. DeanH _VA says:

    Can we expect these patches to be available through WSUS at some point? I’m not too keen to roll it out to tens of servers and hundreds of desktops manually!

  16. mgm says:

    Note that the Outlook information at http://www.microsoft.com/australia/technet/timezone/Outlook.aspx contains Sharepoint information. Someone needs to get this updated asap.


  17. Luke Notley says:

    Patch doesn’t work on Vista RTM for me…

  18. arwen says:

    We tested on several Win2k servers without problem, but failed to deploy the package via SMS. Win2k3 and xp are fine.

  19. Anthony Spiteri says:

    There is a newer offical patch released…TODAY…best bit for everyone…you have to uninstall the old patch!!


    Hi Anthony,

    Please download the patch for the Western Australia Daylight Saving time which was published few hours before.

    Due to the criticality and time constrain, we published the packages to the download center ahead of the KB article (this was an exception, we usually publish simultaneously).  The KB is in the pipeline and should be up soon, but that the package itself
    is identical to kb 928388 (except it only changes one timezone instead of 30) .

    Below are the links to the supported package.  You have to uninstall any other packages (applied for this change previously) before installing this one to avoid any future uninstallation problems.  The package will also be published through automatic updates

    Update for Windows Server 2003 (KB929120)


    Update for Windows Server 2003 for Itanium-based Systems (KB929120)


    Update for Windows Server 2003 x64 Edition (KB929120)


    Update for Windows XP (KB929120)


    Update for Windows XP x64 Edition (KB929120)


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