WA Daylight Savings Update – Its approved!

I wanted to post a quick update from our end to let you know whats happening. Ive had a flood of emails to ask how quickly we are going to respond in getting out the patches to affected products. Heres the official bit...

"...Microsoft is aware of the legislation recently passed before the WA Parliament to initiate a 3 year Daylight Saving (DST) trial in WA, commencing 3rd December 2006.

Microsoft has already begun preparing technical documentation and product updates in anticipation to assist our customers prepare for the DST transition at short notice. Details of these activities will be made available at the Microsoft Australia web site as soon as possible..."

I will post again once I know that the website has gone live, which should be very soon.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Good news – the patch for Windows has gone live to the Microsoft.com downloads site and can be found

  2. Glen – I dont think we will be doing one for WinCE based devices. The workaround will be to set your timezone to UTC +9. If after the trial it becomes permanent then we will revisit this.

    Danovich – You can expect something in a few days.


  3. Anonymous says:

    So this weekend Daylight Savings came to our friends in the West. Our resident sandgropper, Michael Kleef

  4. moolsie – look at my latest blog post. Theres a new patch. It fixes all these known issues with the old one incl SMS deployment.

  5. Gawain – Sure you can. But that will only work for Windows – not Exchange, SharePoint or CRM. Most other products, including Office read time from Windows so that will work for the majority though.

  6. danovich says:

    If you can’t wait for the Microsoft patch, there is a good reg file posted on this forum that seems to do the trick –> http://forums.whirlpool.net.au/forum-replies.cfm?t=621770&p=2

  7. danovich says:

    Hi Michael, are you aware of the planned timeframe for the release the product updates? I see that you mention ‘very soon’ above, should this be taken as today, a few days or a week? Thanks!

  8. glen says:

    Michael, do you know whether Microsoft will be releasing a patch for Windows CE devices like Pocket PCs and thin clients?  No such patch was released for the Commonwealth Games-related change to the daylight saving end date earlier this year and the workaround (temporarily change to a UTC+11 time zone) would have caused problems with appointment times.  Are Microsoft or the IT industry generally planning anything to address the difficulty of implementing changes to time zone definitions, such as creating or updating a network time protocol that uses centrally-stored time zone information?

  9. Kim Wisniewski says:

    Thanks Michael!

  10. Gawain says:

    Would the use of TZEdit be of any use, if the patch is late?

  11. glen says:

    Michael, is Microsoft aware that if the Perth time zone on Windows CE terminals and Pocket PCs is not updated, then appointment times are calculated incorrectly?  In a terminal services environment, the time zone information that applies in each session comes from the terminal that opened the session.  If we configured each terminal with a UTC+9 time zone on 3 December and allowed users to open sessions from those terminals and run Outlook, then Outlook would calculate the UTC time for each appointment based on the UTC+9 time zone.

    For example, suppose the date was 10 March 2007.  If a user created an appointment at midday for 10 April 2007, then Outlook would calculate the UTC time for that appointment as 3:00 AM.  Then, on the last Sunday in March, when Perth comes out of daylight saving, we walk around and configure all of the terminals with the Perth (UTC+8) time zone.  When 10 April 2007 rolls around, Outlook reads the 3:00 AM UTC appointment in the user’s calendar, adds eight hours because the time zone is UTC+8 and displays the appointment at 11:00 AM, which is not as the user intended.  The result would be a few hundred staff with appointments and meetings at the wrong time, which would create havoc.

    The same problem will occur on Pocket PCs.

  12. David says:

    Mike – Can you tell us if the patch will be deployed by windows update. Or is this will just be a hotfix that we need to manage deployment ourselves?

  13. Brad Saviel says:


    Are you aware if any utilities will be provided to retrospectively address the problem of existing Outlook appointments (created without the DST bias) being displayed as 1 hour ahead during the DST period?

    Sorry for the long winded sentence… 😉



  14. MALSSLLP says:

    Interesting thing is the list of supported platforms. W2000 is not mentioned.  About 10% of our customer base, spread randomly over each site are still running 2000Pro, two sites are still running SBS-2000.

    As the time zone architecture is unchanged from NT4 onwards, I guess this patch may well work.  Anyone got a definitive answer?

  15. MALSSLLP says:

    Anyone tried this yet?  I just installed it on my Vista Ultimate (gold) workstation. Install went as expected, I rebooted.(not prompted)  Clicked on the clock, to check time zone info.  Unchanged.  No "Daylight savings" checkbox, and a "Daylight savings is not observed by this timezone" message.

    Looking at :

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindows NTCurrentVersionTime ZonesW. Australia Standard Time

    Nothing seems to have changed.

  16. MALSSLLP says:

    Just tried installing the patch,(XPpro SP2) setting the time to just before th transition, and watching what happened. Nothing did!

  17. MALSSLLP says:

    More info. Installs fine logged in as the local adminstrator (500).  Logged in as a domain admin silently fails.

  18. Giles says:

    KB928939 is available as a download but will it be made available for fleets thru WSUS?  If so, when?

  19. Moolsie says:

    We installed the patch using sms, while testing went fine, most of our clients are now getting CCMEXEC errors.  The patch isnt listed in the add remove programs.  The check box was not automatically ticked.

    Good fix wasnt it…not.  Been on hold with MS now for 24 minutes and counting.

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