Ready Tour continues to Melbourne!

Ive been busy and havent been able to post many photos and resources lately. Ive had a number of common questions that everyone has been asking.

1. Are the slide decks going to be posted?

Ans: They already are! They are here!

2. Where can I get the Vista RTM code from?

Ans: I blogged about this before. If you are a TechNet Plus subscriber you can get it as of the 17th of November. TechNet Plus Direct retails for $512 which is much much cheaper than it used to be plus you dont have a pile of DVD's arrive every month either. You also get it earlier than the official business launch date!

3. Where was that Forefront Client Security beta going to be again?

Ans: I said it was on but its actually at

4. I want a copy of your WAIK script? Where is that?

Ans: Its here!

We have had a lot of fun on this tour! Part of the fun is the dinners before the event. When Jeff and I were in Brisbane we went out to the Teppanyaki next to our hotel. I love teppanyaki! Kyle was there and Dugie dropped by for a short while. For those of you that have never experienced the joys of teppanyaki heres an example!

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