Server hardware protection – for on the airlines!

As blogged previously my wonderful hardware is getting destroyed by the airlines. Im concerned that they are going to force me shortly to check it in plus its a huge hassle taking a server and two laptops through airport security screens. For some reason they think Im a lunatic....

So I started looking around for something that would protect it from them but let me check it in - and I came up with these.



Aluminium road cases just like bands use. Jeff was so impressed that he wanted one too so I got one made up for him too. Lets see them try to bend this....:)


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Kleefy’s Indestructible Shuttle Case I got a chance to catchup up with Michael Kleef and Kyle Rosenthal…

  2. Anonymous says:

    "Lets see them try to bend this"

    Sounds like a challenge to me!! 😛

    James Katarski.

  3. Dugie says:


  4. David Mackie says:

    Mate who made them? I had thought about a Hardigg case but they are VERY expensive. They do make almost anything but. Check this out

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