WA finally gets Daylight Savings (hooray!)

Finally its happened. The government has put in place a three year trial thats likely to begin the 1st of December. Rob Farley hates it and laments the developer issues associated with it. Microsoft is no different. Already theres an internal discussion brewing on this - how do we implement this change and what impacts will there be on Windows, Office, Exchange and of course Mobile devices? Can we do it in time with practically no warning? Despite the fact the government has stated its intention its not officially ratified yet and we cant start the QFE developers working on something thats not final...so lets wait and see what happens...

Personally I think its fantastic. On top of the extra effective daylight time I get to spend with the kids in the pool - I work with the Sydney and Melbourne people a lot and without daylight savings means we're 3 hours the time difference from them. It effectively cuts my effective working time with them to a 4 hour window for the day (by the time I get to work at 9am they are already at lunch which means I start working with them at 1pm their time) - and then of course theres the pain of a 3 hour timezone change when you fly there....not fun.

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  1. Once it goes through parliament and is ratified then we can make the change – until we know the official start and finish dates for the next three years we can’t do anything. We will make it well known once we have an answer from govt and have the patch completed. Hope this helps.

  2. Agreed!! Id rather more afternoon light than morning light…especially in winter.

  3. I should preface this by saying Microsoft as a company has no opinion on whether daylight savings is a good or a bad thing. This is my opinion only…

    I think the big problem is that with a 3 hour difference is that it hampers business in the state due to the points I made in my original post. Having extra daylight at the end of the day is great to be able to spend with the kids in summertime. I remember as a kid in Melbourne I always loved that fact.

    On the house cooling point: If you take the power company’s recommendations into account you should be switching on your air con before lunchtime (on timer) anyway to save money as the house starts cool and requires less power to stay cool rather than turning it on when you get home and then its running flat out all evening trying to get the house cool enough. Thats what they say anyway….

  4. Rob Farley says:

    But you’d really just rather Perth moved to permanent GMT+9, right? Just like I’d rather have Adelaide as permanent GMT+1030, and London as GMT+1.

    Our days are centred around 1pm already… would people really care that much if the winter mornings were darker?

  5. Kim Wisniewski says:

    lOl, The executives here @curtin have already hit us poor IT engineers up with a working party into solving the matter. So I was going to be hitting you up with a question pretty soon anyway Mr Kleef. I imagine it’s a combination of group policy and the patch for our servers. Too easy!

  6. Silke says:

    At last Perth is dragged kicking and screaming into the new millenium. All we need now is Internet shopping, Sunday trading, a decent public transport system and some quality print media and you may just be forgiven for thinking that we are living in a modern city!!!!

  7. Dano says:

    Any patch release for Microsoft yet to add the new timezone?

  8. Simon Shaw says:

    I think it’s silly introducing it.

    We’ll be going home from work to hotter houses, spend more money on air conditioning which will help global warming along and have to patch all our servers.

    The only benefit imho is not waking to light streaming in the bedroom window…

  9. Davie Boy says:

    I think you should take a look at TIMEZONE.EXE from the reskit.

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