NAP gone in Vista?

I dont think so Jim...

What had me totally laughing even more was this article on it. Parts of the article say essentially that the problem space has not been defined to warrant the solution. Hello? What the...?

Lets be clear folks. NAP is not about security exclusion per se- its about security policy enforcement. Its about checking machines as they enter the network and excluding them from your business critical resources until they comply thus protecting the corporate network. NAP is about holistic protection in VPN (WAN), LAN and Wireless and it offers a solution from the small end of business to the enterprise - oh and we are working on standards ratification.

So I totally disagree with the statements that "The things that NAC addresses have yet to evolve in the enterprise" - if that was the case then why are IT shops in businesses so keen to look at it? Anyone remember the problem of worms and viruses coming in from infected laptops?  Remember the cost of cleaning up an infected network because patches couldnt be rolled out in time?

There is a very real business need that customers told us they wanted. If there wasnt the need then we wouldnt have worked with Cisco on a solution.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey all, Here is that article on NAP that I was talking about last night:

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