Server hardware protection – for on the airlines!

As blogged previously my wonderful hardware is getting destroyed by the airlines. Im concerned that they are going to force me shortly to check it in plus its a huge hassle taking a server and two laptops through airport security screens. For some reason they think Im a lunatic…. So I started looking around for…


Business Reinvention – the winds of change

Im reading this article on Ford posting a huge loss.   Ford Posts Loss of $5.8 Billion, Worst Since ’92 DEARBORN, Mich., Oct. 23 — The Ford Motor Company reported its worst financial results in more than 14 years Monday and warned that its business was likely to worsen further in the months ahead, as…


WA finally gets Daylight Savings (hooray!)

Finally its happened. The government has put in place a three year trial thats likely to begin the 1st of December. Rob Farley hates it and laments the developer issues associated with it. Microsoft is no different. Already theres an internal discussion brewing on this – how do we implement this change and what impacts…


Mid-market solutions – new product coming – wanna sneak peek?

We have had SBS for years now and its been hugely successful but as you know its only for small businesses. A lot of these small businesses get bigger (surprise!) and as they grow so should their infrastructure. Unfortunately though the jump from SBS to a fully blown “big business” solution can be expensive and…


Ducati 748 – Part 2

OK OK – so Ive had several comments that I just need to buy this Ducati. And frankly I agree! So I took it for a test ride (again) this morning and tried it in traffic aswell as a few….ahem…back street blasts…. Dugie asked for photos so here she is…      So pretty and…


The joys of Ducati!

On the way home Friday after work I had to pick up my son from where my wife was working. As I parked I noticed a fantastic bright red Ducati 748. Now anyone who knows me will know what a bike fan I am – and Ducati to me represents the Ferrari of the bike world!…


Go Ms Dewey! – making search interesting!

All round super hero, Frank Arrigo sent me this today. It makes search a whole lot interesting dont you think? Check out Ms Dewey!


Vista RC2 quick thoughts

Upgraded to Vista RC2 (build 5744) a few days ago while I was waiting at the airport. Boy what a difference! Speed is improving all the time and the sleep state now actually works on my laptop! Try it out for yourself! Before it would crash trying to resume but now pops pack into life…


Ready Launch Tour Australia in November!

For those of you wanting to know more about desktop deployment, security and messaging in Windows Vista, Windows Longhorn Server and Exchange 2007 then register for the Ready Launch tour. Its going to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Perth and Adelaide and its free! Theres Developer tracks, IT Professional tracks and IT Manager tracks. Come…


Nasty Volcano messing up DFS-R

Imagine this as a support issue! “Im sorry sir the link has gone down because the volcano nearby has messed it up!” Dugie told me and linked to Paul’s post on it.