West Coast wins the AFL Grand Final

I realized after the Grand Final that I never posted a followup on who won! For those of you outside of Australia - the West Coast Eagles won by a point. Thats the smallest margin in something like 110 years of the game I believe.

Yes Sydney continued their usual behaviour - Barry Hall and others were being picked up for it though which was good. It was a game full of dodgy umpiring calls on both sides and a last half fade out (through injuries I think) by West Coast but they held on to win after establishing a large first half margin of around 20 points (cant remember properly now). Sydney pulled their game together and closed the gap but couldnt seem to get in front.

Around my suburb there was cheering and shouting and people playing football on the streets. There were people with banners waving at all the cars driving by.

Perth is celebrating!

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  1. Did I mention I had a couple of celebratory drinks before I posted this? 🙂 Thanks for clarifying!

  2. Frankly I care about the entire history of the VFL to when it morphed into the AFL. I count it because all those teams moved into the AFL and deserve to be counted for their history – and none of the other state teams did that. All the states made up totally new sides (except for Sydney which took Sth Melb – and that deserves to be counted too) to go into the AFL rather than taking one of their state history filled sides into it. Dont you agree?

  3. Matt says:

    To be specific…. 1966 was actually the last grand final decided by a point.

  4. postie says:

    what about the draw and replay in ’77? but then what is your classification of AFL, cause those of us that arent a Victorian, frankly dont give a toss about the 80 years before it actually became a national competition…. and well do you count that from when the Swans went north or West Coast crossed the boarder?

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