More fun at TechEd HK

Today I got some of the photos from the keynote I did. Ill share them...



As part of the keynote I did the cool Exchange Unified Messaging demo - you call into Exchange 2007 and get it to read your voice mail messages and change calendar  appointments. I keynoted with Andre Mintz from the Security Business Unit in Redmond. I think we did ok!


The amazing photos are of the Hong Kong Park. Its a beautiful park - an oasis in the middle of the city.

TechEd HK 079TechEd HK 087


Well Im done now here. I just did my Windows PE and Windows Deployment Services session. It went well. I did a complete deployment of a notebook in 20mins fully automated using the WAIK and the Business Desktop Deployment 2007 toolkit. Lots of questions afterward and people were writing down lots of notes which is a good sign. If you were there please let me know what you thought of it!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I presented on this at TechEd Hong Kong. You can with Windows Deployment Services , deploy a BitLocker

  2. BT says:


    I’ve been there today.

    Once again, great!!!


  3. William says:

    Thx for the WDS demo and yes doing demo on a REAL fast sever is so much better than those crappy virtual machines resided inside a slow notebook :->

    I am one of those who asked you questions after the session. I do agree RIS sucks as it is quite a bit trouble in order to host it on a server with multiple ip addresses on a single NIC. Currently it ought to be set as the DHCP server and sometimes seems doesn’t work so well… Also wonder if there is any limitation of the password length in WDS since I found that I need to shorten my password in order to have the proper authentication via the RIS server for a PXE boot…

  4. Davo1 says:

    Go Kleefy! Looks like your rockin’ it matey!

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