Virtual Server R2 x64 SP1 – and AMD-V

Some of you will be trialling SP1 for Virtual Server R2 out. I have an AMD X2 server and was keen to try out the AMD-V hardware assisted virtualisation stuff out that SP1 supports. Unfortunately at present there is a register in Windows Server x64 edition that is blocking the use of AMD-V. It requires a hotfix that if you choose not to apply, will consistently blue screen your machine as DEP jumps in and tries to protect the write to a protected register.

Heres the kicker: on the website it appeared to indicate that the hotfix is available. The problem is that its not ready yet so if you trial SP1 in this configuration (ie: with Windows Server x64, an AMD proc that supports AMD-V and Virtual Server R2 x64 SP1) then make sure you switch off the AMD-V support in each VM first until we release the hotfix. The connect website should now have an updated piece of information to reflect this fact.

If youre on the beta program for this then you will receive an email as soon as its released....

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Michael Kleef has some info for those trying to run Beta 2 on AMD-V hardware.  In short you will…

  2. DEP protects by BSOD? Thats very strange kind of protection.

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