TechEd 2006 Australia: the biggest ever!

With the completion of content planning, CommNet has now released to attendees - this allows you to plan your sessions and export them to Outlook. It also gives us the ability to monitor room allocations and make minor changes where necessary to ensure that we manage attendees needs.

This means that you may notice minor room changes from time to time - thankfully so far Ive only needed to make two changes. We will endeavour to ensure that no major changes are made that moves a session into a different timeslot - which could screw up your plans. Room changes can affect your Outlook appointments that you might have exported so watch out for those changes.

In other great news its now official that this will be the biggest TechEd Australia ever - with still roughly three weeks till the event we have already topped last years result by a good margin! If youre planning on coming get registered quick.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    There may not have been a huge SBS presence at TechEd in Boston, but there sure will be in Sydney……

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