TechEd 2006: Content Completed!

Well its good news to be able to announce that we're essentially complete. At present we're completing final scheduling between TechEd NZ and Australia and jsut tidying up loose ends. We are on track to release the new improved CommNet on August 1st to all attendees in Australia and NZ. If youre an attendee, watch out for an email shortly after the 1st! This is ahead of schedule of any previous TechEd we have ever done!

As a taster, this year we now have RSS support!!

Most of the sessions have had final approval - with a couple of loose ends to tie up around speakers that committed and then could'nt make it. As part of the feed theres full abstracts and speaker names!! Enjoy!


Comments (2)

  1. Anonymous says:

    (Via Kleefy’s blog) You can preview the Australia Tech.Ed 2006 agenda via RSS.

  2. Paul Scobell says:

    Well I must say I hate this years TechEd web site. It has everything, fancy pictures etc, except what I need. Like, what sessions are there, when are they on. Then there is this rss feed, but how do you find it on the site, why is it not on the front page. All in all lots of form over substance. Come on guys, think of your poor users when you design things!

    By the way, loved TechEd last year!

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