TechEd USA: Day 2: BitLocker and catching up with folk!

Went to a BitLocker session today. Was a very good session with lots of details on the deployment. There was a bit of stuff I did know like the fact that it needs two partitions minimum. One is for the Active system partition that runs the boot loader etc and the other boot partition is where the encrypted Windows system files are. There was also a bunch of stuff I didnt know! A few facts are:

1. It needs a 1.5GB min system drive to start BitLocker at present

2. The partitions need to be organised as a System partition made Active and another partition for C Drive. Both must be primary partitions.

3. Both need to be formatted as NTFS

4. Only one partition can be marked as Active. That must be the smaller one.

5. It uses either AES-128 or AES-256 to encrypt the disk. Personally I think AES-256 is kinda overkill. A keyspace of 2^128 is big enough for me 🙂

There was lots of other bits in it too on the TPM module setup etc. Will save that for another day but we will have this session at TechEd AU and NZ!!


Well its always interesting when you catch up with people.

I ran into quite a few people today…Rocky Heckman is here…he’s now just joined Microsoft.

And then I ran into Dr Neil Roodyn…hes presenting on Tablet PC and Mobility stuff I think. We will definately have him at TechEd AU and NZ.

It always amazes on the sheer size of this event. 12,000 people in total are here. The stands and the vendor showcase are huge!

Heres a bit AMD’s stand…

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    Went to an awesome session today by Steve Riley. It was Windows Vista System Integrity Technologies and…