TechEd AU and NZ 2006: Close to done!

OK..theres been lots of people asking about what TechEd AU and NZ will feature as an agenda. I think its important that at this time we show you exactly where we're up to!

Theres a couple of tracks that still arent quite finished yet - but are fairly close!

For those that saw Andrew Coates's post on the Stanski .NET list and was concerned that he only showed the tools portion...His track is just one of many tracks that has Developer content in it. This year we have deliberately mixed relevant developer and IT Pro in each track. Don't worry though about having to look in multiple places though...this year's CommNet is exactly what the US uses now (we never used this before) and we can dual code sessions to other tracks where they are relevant sessions to that track.

Heres all 10 tracks:


What do architects do anyway?
Case study: Commonwealth Bank of Australia
Patterns and Anti-Patterns for Service-Oriented Architectures
Guerilla SOA
Heterogeneity Happens!
Edge Architecture: Web vNext for Architects
Pragmatic Architecture (aus only)
Microsoft Client Strategy
(cabana - aus only ) Architecting Scale: How the M2006 team built a 10,000 Request per Second site
Architecting Identity - The identity metasystem and Infocard
How to Get Your Grandmother Building Missile Defense Systems
(extra aus only) Bits to Bolts: Bridging the Gap Between the Solutions and Infrastructure Architecture
Software As a Service: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
Capability Modelling - the case for MOTION
Architecture Panel: Web vNext
Web Service Security: Scenarios, Patterns and Implementations
Software Factories (aus only)
Putting the User Back in to SOA

Database and BI

Microsoft Office Excel 2007 and SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services Integration Explained
Corporate Performance Management on the Microsoft Business Intelligence Platform
Second Annual Business Intelligence Power Hour
Building Reporting Solutions with Reporting Services and Analysis Services
Architecting Reporting Services Report Models for Ad-hoc Reporting
SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services: Planning for the Enterprise - Scalability and Performance
Putting It Together: Moving Beyond the Basics of SQL Server 2005 Integration Services
SQL Server Always On Technologies: Choosing the Right High Availability Solution
An Inside Look At an Exciting New Addition to Visual Studio Team System (Part 1)
Methodology for Upgrading to SQL Server 2005
SQL Server Always On Technologies: Database Mirroring Best Practices and Performance Considerations
SQL Server Always On Technologies: Best Practices in Building Robust, Recoverable and Reliable Systems
Managing Semi-Structured and Unstructured Data: BLOBs, XML and FTS in SQL Server 2005
Microsoft IT: Improving Data Security by Using SQL Server 2005
SQL Server Error Handling: T-SQL, SQLCLR and Clients
SQL Server 2005: Advanced Indexing Strategies


Windows Client

What's new in Software Installation on Windows Vista
Softricity: Application Virtualisation
Developing Interactive Applications Using Windows Live Robots, Activities, and Alerts
Getting Started with Tablet Development
(WinFX) Developing for Windows Vista
(WinFX) Introduction to InfoCard
Making bad applications behave with Virtualisation at the desktop
Writing Gadgets for Windows SideShow
Windows Vista: Networking, Firewall, and IPsec Improvements
Why Vista is compelling for the Mobile PC
(WinFX) Windows Presentation Foundation: Introduction
Scaling out Media Center Performance in Windows Vista Ultimate Edition
Windows Vista Client Manageability
Image Engineering: Creating Your Perfect Desktop
Deploying Windows Vista: Everything You Need in One Hour
Windows Desktop Search Enterprise Solution
Modifying Applications to Run on Windows Vista

Connected Systems

(BTS) Business Process and Integration Landscape
(WinFX) Introduction to WinFX
(BTS) BizTalk Server 2006 and Office Business Scorecard Manager 2005: Integrating Real-Time Business Activity Monitoring with the Scorecard
(BTS) Planning and Designing Enterprise Class BizTalk Server Solutions
(CS) Connected Commerce with Commerce Server 2007
(WinFX) "InfoCard": Introduction
(WinFX) Windows Communication Foundation: Introduction
(WinFX) Windows Workflow Foundation: Introduction
(BTS) BizTalk Server: Adapters for Host Systems
(BTS) Integration of BizTalk Server 2006 and Windows Workflow Foundation.
(BTS) Management, problem identification, trouble shooting, automation
(CRM) Modeling and Automating Business Processes with Microsoft CRM
(NET) .NET 2.0 to WinFX: How WCF will change the way you're developing Service Oriented solutions
(WinFX) Windows Communication Foundation: Building Secure, Reliable and Transacted Services with WCF
(WinFX) Windows Communication Foundation: Designing Bindings and Contracts
(WinFX) Windows Workflow Foundation: Building Rules-Based Workflows
(WinFX) Windows Workflow Foundation: Creating Custom Activities for Workflows
(NET) .NET Framework 2.0: Build your own Enteprise Service Bus with it

Developer Tools

Introducing an Exciting New Addition to Visual Studio Team System
Visual Studio: Leveraging Your Visual Basic 6 Investments with VB 2005
Securing and Deploying Visual Studio 2005 Tools for Microsoft Office (VSTO) Solutions
Smart Client: Real-World ClickOnce
Visual Studio 2005 Team Foundation Server - Applying Version Control, Work Item Tracking and Team Build to Your Software Development Project
Visual Studio 2005 Team Foundation Server: Step-by-Step Migration and Adoption Planning
Using the New Windows Mobile 5.0 APIs for Application Development
Building Control Hierarchies and the Anatomy of a Super ComboBox
VSTS Performance Tools
Developing Applications That Work on Both Pocket PC and Smartphone
Protect your Applications: Defensive Strategies that Can be Applied to Applications
Sharing Assets Between the .NET Compact Framework (Windows Mobile) and the .NET Framework (Desktop Windows)
Visual C#: Tips and Tricks and Future Directions
Extending Team Foundation Server
Programming with Concurrency in .NET: Concepts, Patterns, and Best Practices.
Visual Basic: Tips, Tricks and Futures
Concurrent Development with Branching in Team Foundation Server
C++/CLI. The Best Language for Managed AND Native Development
Using Web Services to Develop Applications for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Windows Server and Management

PowerShell: Next Generation Command Line Scripting
Systems Management Server State of the Union: Today and Tomorrow
Scripting for IT Professionals Who Can't Write Code
Demo'ing Operations Management: Today and the future
Group Policy: What's New in Windows Vista
Deploying Windows Vista Clients with Systems Management Server 2003
Service-Oriented Monitoring with Operations Manager version 3 Operations Management
Windows Vista: Remote Deployments with WDS
Deploying and Managing a Windows-Based High-Performance Compute Cluster
Password Management with Microsoft Identity Integration Server
Deploying Active Directory Federation Services
Ten Reasons to Prepare for Windows Server Code Named "Longhorn"
Active Directory Tips and Tricks
Windows Server System Reference Architecture - Virtual Environments (WSSRA-VE)
Windows Branch Office Technologies - today and tomorrow
Windows Server Code Named "Longhorn" Terminal Services: Introduction
Creating and Managing a Clustered Virtualization Environment

Messaging and Mobility

Exchange 2003 Storage Architecture and Planning
Exchange 2007 and the 2007 Microsoft Office System: Better Together
Mail That Speaks to You: Unified Messaging in Exchange 2007
Best Practices for Secure Messaging
Using Records Management Strategies to Tame Your Exchange 2007 Message Stores
Exchange 2007 Web Services: 42 APIs is Not the Answer
Exchange 2007: Deployment and Migration
Is Your Mail Server Running? Then You Better Go Out and Catch It: Exchange 2007 Backup, Availability and Disaster Recovery
Windows Mobile and Exchange Server 2003 Mobile Messaging
Building Windows Mobile Retail and Warehouse Applications
Exchange 2003: Tips, Tricks and Shortcuts
Windows Mobile Security Ecosystem Guidance
Exchange 2007: Unified Messaging Architecture and PBX Integration
Building Mobile Applications: Moving from J2ME to .NET with MapPoint
Microsoft Exchange 2007: Management Shell and Scripting
Windows Mobile Applications for People on the Run
Telephony Integration and Voice Over IP with Microsoft Office Communicator 2005
Exchange Sizing and Performance: A Look Ahead to the 64-Bit World of Exchange 2007

Office System

Infrastructure Topics in SharePoint Products and Technologies: Administrative Architecture and Planning for Deployment
Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer 2007: Create and Customise SharePoint Web Sites and Build Workflow-Enabled Applications
Document and Records Management Using 2007 Microsoft Office Server and Client Technologies
Microsoft Office Project Server 2007: Overview
Visual Studio 2005 Tools for Microsoft Office (VSTO) version 3.0: What's Coming
Microsoft Office Access 2007: Designing Collaborative Data Applications
Developing Workflows for the 2007 Microsoft Office System and Windows SharePoint Services (version 3)
Microsoft Office InfoPath 2007: Development, Deployment, and Hosting of Rich and Browser Forms
Microsoft Office Open XML Formats and Office Client Extensibility (COMBINED)
Microsoft Office Visio 2007: Building Data Visualization Solutions
Enterprise Search Technical Drilldown in Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007
Integrating Microsoft Office InfoPath 2007 Forms into Workflow Solutions and Business Processes
Migrating Your Content Management Server 2002 Web Sites to Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007
Microsoft Office Groove 2007: Enterprise Deployments
Windows SharePoint Services and Microsoft Office SharePoint Portal Server: Upgrade and Migration


PKI Enhancements in Windows Vista and Longhorn Server
Windows Vista Security Chalk Talk
Managing the Enterprise Firewall in Windows Vista
Attacker trends and techniques: an update
Account Control: Running Windows Vista with Least Privilege
Securing Content with Windows Rights Management Services
BitLocker Drive Encryption
Windows Vista Security Guide
Windows Vista Security Tidbits
Intimate Secrets of the Windows Event Log
Whats New in Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration Server 2006
Anti-Malware Technologies in Windows Vista
Get Ready for Network Access Protection: What Everybody Needs to Know
How Your Applications are Hacked
Secure remote access and branch office deployments with ISA Server 2006
Is That Application Really Safe?
Implementing Network Access Protection: A deep dive!
Windows Vista System Integrity Technologies

Web Developer

IIS 6: Everything a Web Administrator Needs to Know About MOM
IIS 7: End-to-End Overview of Microsoft’s New Web Application Server
IIS 7: Under the Hood for Web Request Tracing and Diagnostics
ASP.NET: Building and Deploying Web Applications with Visual Studio 2005
Developing Rich Web Applications with ASP.NET codename “Atlas”
ASP.NET: End-to-End - Building a Complete Web Application Using ASP.NET 2.0, Visual Studio 2005, and IIS 7 (Part 1)
ASP.NET: End-to-End - Building a Complete Web Application Using ASP.NET 2.0, Visual Studio 2005, and IIS 7 (Part 2)
IIS 7: Building Custom Web Server Extensions
ASP.NET: Creating High-Performance, Enterprise-Scale Web Applications Using Visual Studio 2005 Team System
ASP.NET 2.0 Tips and Tricks
Developing Data-Driven Web Applications with .NET Language Integrated Query
The Windows Live Platform: Build Applications That Have Access to 400 Million Address Books, and 13 Billion Contacts
Windows Live Search Macros – Build, Share, and Use Your Own Search Engine in Seconds
Introducing Microsoft Tools for Professional Designers: An Overview of Microsoft Expression
Extending Your Reach with Microsoft Gadgets
Expression Web Designer Overview




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    Still haven’t got your New Zealand TechEd ticket yet?

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