TechEd 2006 Australia Registration is now live!!!

Ive been asked several times now when registration is going to be open - well its now open!! All the information you need is at:

Initial track plans are at

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  1. Matthew says:

    What is the ‘Deep Dive’ thing you are trying to sell me for $200? Any point in signing up for it?

  2. Daryl Eckermann says:

    I am surprised to see that there are no discounts offered this yaer for Technet and Tech Net plus subscribers… Is this an oversight or planned???

  3. whartonj says:

    What’s going on with rates for MCT’s and Certified Partners?  Surely it can’t be cheaper to register as a non MCT/CP before 9th June 2006?  Shouldn’t our rate be $1249 which takes into consideration our $300 discount and the early bird discount?

  4. confused says:

    where the heck is the info for the Australian TechEd – these links just keep bouncing between the same blog comments.

    where is the track plans?

    why doesn’t the teched website have any details?

    nice of you to provide pricing, but not explaining exactly what we are getting for our thousands…

  5. mkleef says:

    To respond:

    Deep Dives: are a specific technical workshop. These go into more depth than a 60 min session. I think its worth it.

    Pricing: Ive raised all your comments with the powers that be on that part of it. Will be in touch.

    Information: The track plans are at the category link on the left hand side of my blog that says "TechEd 2006 Plans". Everything that we are able to disclose at this point is there. A new update will be posted shortly.

    Website: TechEd website doesnt have any details as it was only intended for early regos. The updated site will go live on the 19th May and will have more complete information. Anyone watching my blog will have seen the plethora of posts about the content and will have a pretty good idea on the focus areas to make a call on the value.

    The focus areas are all about Longhorn Server, Exch 2007, Vista and Office 2007…and of course associated developer technologies.

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