TechEd 2006 AU and NZ: Preliminary Ideas

Hey - Jeff and I have just been doing our top 16 sessions (and maybe a couple more 🙂 ) for TechEd this year. We're looking for your feedback again!

Messaging and Mobility

  • Telephony Integration and Voice Over IP with Microsoft Office Communicator 2005

  • Exchange "12" Web Services: 42 APIs is Not the Answer

  • Exchange 2003: Storage Architecture and Planning

  • Scripting Secrets of Exchange Server 2003

  • Exchange "12": Deployment and Migration

  • Exchange "12" and the 2007 Microsoft Office System: Better Together

  • Is Your Mail Server Running? Then You Better Go Out and Catch It: Exchange "12"

  • Backup, Availability and Disaster Recovery

  • Reading and Sending Email through the Exchange Web Services

  • Exchange Sizing and Performance: A Look Ahead to the 64-Bit World of Exchange "12"

  • Windows Mobile and Exchange Server 2003 Mobile Messaging

  • Building Windows Mobile Retail and Warehouse Applications

  • Exchange 2003: Tips, Tricks and Shortcuts

  • Mobilizing Line-of-Business Applications on the Windows Mobile Platform

  • Using Records Management Strategies to Tame Your Exchange "12" Message Stores

  • Mail That Speaks to You: Unified Messaging in Exchange "12"

  • Windows Mobile Security Ecosystem Guidance


  • Introducing Microsoft Client Protection

  • Windows Vista System Integrity Technologies

  • Anti-Malware Technologies in Windows Vista

  • Account Control: Running Windows Vista with Least Privilege

  • Microsoft Certificate Lifecycle Manager Deep Dive

  • Securing Content with Windows Rights Management Services

  • Securing Your Data with Microsoft Technologies

  • BitLocker Drive Encryption

  • Windows Vista Security Guide

  • Securing Exchange with Microsoft Antigen: A Technical Overview

  • Best Practices for Secure Messaging

  • Is That Application Really Safe?

  • Get Ready for Network Access Protection: What Everybody Needs to Know

  • Windows Vista Security Tidbits

  • Whats New in Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration Server 2006

  • Access Control Lists In-Depth

  • Securing Wireless Access with Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration Server

Server and Management

  • Deploying and Managing a Windows-Based High-Performance Compute Cluster

  • Password Management with Microsoft Identity Integration Server

  • Deploying Active Directory Federation Services

  • Scalable Networking Enhancements for Windows Server 2003

  • Ten Reasons to Prepare for Windows Server Code Named "Longhorn"

  • Small Business Server Disaster Recovery

  • Installing, configuring and managing Server Roles in Longhorn

  • Next Generation Networking with Windows Vista and Windows Server Code named Longhorn

  • Windows Branch Office Technologies for Windows Vista and Windows Server Code named "Longhorn"

  • Microsoft Identity Integration Server "Gemini": Deep Dive

  • Windows Server Code Named "Longhorn" Terminal Services: Introduction

  • Windows Hotpatching

  • Monad: Next Generation Command Line Scripting

  • Scripting for IT Professionals Who Can't Write Code

  • Group Policy: What's New in Windows Vista

  • Deploying Windows Vista Clients with Systems Management Server 2003

  • What's New in Systems Management Server 2003 R2

  • System Center Reporting Manager: Introduction and Drilldown

  • Architecting and Deploying an Update Services Solution

  • Introduction to Systems Management Server version 4

What do you think??


Comments (16)

  1. Anonymous says:

    I’ve had a visitor this week, one of "my boys" David Lemphers has been up in Sydney,

    shadowing me…

  2. Mark Dormer says:

    Scripting for IT Professionals Who Can’t Write Code. Now thats a cool topic and I know there are plenty of people who could benefit from it. Excellent, can I present it?

  3. Alps N says:



    Office 2007/Sharepoint v3?



  4. Matthew says:

    When can we register for TechEd 2006 in Australia?

  5. mkleef says:

    To answer some of these questions:

    Mark – Corey Hynes will present this session. It was so popular last year I want him to do it again!

    AN – Interested in your thoughts here. I thought we have done clustering well before. Anything specifically you want? What about the RAS/VPN stuff? I could add in something on VPN Quarantining with ISA if you like?

    Also Office 2007 and SharePoint 2007 have their own dedicated track – its just not posted here yet. Good feedback!!! 🙂

    Matt – registration will be up by the end of the month. I will post a note to keep you all in touch! 🙂

  6. Brett Chapman says:

    I’m keen on the whole Scripting for IT Pros..

    We always seem to miss out, Blogs for IT pro’s are few and far between, swamped by the amount ot dev Blogs out there…

    now if only i could get the beancounters to cough up….

  7. David Mackie says:

    What about DPM 2006 to hot backup Virtual Machines dugie talks about it on his blog.

    Perhaps an addendum for Securing Your Data with Microsoft Technologies

    Went to Corey’s scripting session last year it was funtastic but he did not post the slides on Commnet and I did ask him ;-(

  8. Jonathan Ruckert says:

    How about anything around "Crossbow" mobility and its implications on both E12 and E2K3 / Security features.

  9. Greg Linwood says:

    Streewth, no SQL Server topics??!! (c:

  10. Jeff Headley says:

    Include "Expressions" products – convince techies that they have a creative side, and that Microsoft hasn’t ceeded that whole market to Adobe.

  11. Ben Townsley says:

    Can’t wait to see some of the programming topics.

  12. Matt Petersen says:

    Developer tracks?? (is this what everything else in the world revolves around?? 8)

    Developers developers developers!!

  13. mkleef says:

    Ben – I just posted the developer track to the category – take a look

    Jeff – Expression will be in the web developer track along with IIS 7.0 etc

    Greg – Database and BI track is still to come

    David – DPM…Hmm we did that last year – do many people wanna see a repeat with more deployment details? Perhaps. Id like to see more feedback on that. Probably most people still dont even know what it is! 🙂

  14. Ken Schaefer says:

    What about MOM and Operations Management? Either 2005 or upcoming v3?

  15. Simon Fletcher says:

    It would be good to see some advanced integration topics covering several products.

    I am thinking of things like MIIS performing address book synchonisation between 2 Exchange orgs, an LDAP directory & a third party mail platform such as Lotus Notes, where all directories contain some users & represent different mail environments and a shared namespace is in use. And perhaps a web interface that allows attributes to be set to control where particularly entries flow.

    Or another example might be how to manage an environment that has multiple distinct forests, with no trusts permissable by policy, where users commly have accounts in several of the forests, but rarely all. And naturally enoughed mixed and delegated administration responsibility. I know the immediate answer is to change things to result in a single forest, but that is just not possible, or only possible over a timeframe of years, in many cases. Suggestions on how to make life easier or how to provide integration in this type of environment would be good.

    Or another example might be configuring sharepoint to provide a highly useable portal comprising of SQL reporting services, MoM consoles / info, SMS consoles / info, procedures, knowledge bases, tasks, project plans(project server?), thrid party web tools, etc aimed at providing an enterprise view / management portal of as much of the environment as possible.

    Anyway, some topics covering examples of advanced integration could be good.

  16. Ben Hoffman says:

    Any plans to have any sessions on or cover any of the following topics:

    – Monad and Exchange 12

    – Exchange 12 High Availability/DR Local and clustered continuous replication

    – Exchange 12 roles & deployment

    These topics where quite popular at the E12 ignite tour.

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