Security Seminar: Last Day of the Australian tour and the vegetarian Lasagna

Well todays the last day! Whew! Im home in Perth about to present on Provisioning Identity Management Solutions in the IT Pro track. My session is right after lunch...which brings me to the next point. On tours you get to try all sorts of food. Much of it is the fancy hotel stuff that I cant stand - Id much rather tuck into something meaty! Today the hotel staff came in and announced Lasagna was coming. I was overjoyed! Real food! She then mentioned it was Vegetarian Lasagna! Now I dont know about you  but the whole concept of vegetarian lasagna is wrong on so many, many levels. I asked who decided this...and found out that our events agency did it! Arrgghhh!!! Thanks Kimberly....I feel so much better knowing youve prevented me from enjoying my favourite meaty dish...

Comments anyone?

Comments (10)

  1. kimberly says:

    There’s no pleasing some people 😉

  2. frank arrigo says:

    and that’s why *i* didnt travel to perth

    unlike the ready launch when we did the steakhouse tour of australia!

  3. Dugie says:

    Oh Yes, a good event organiser makes *all* the difference — as does good food.  Actually the last time I had vegitarian lasagna was at a Novell gig.  Look what happened to them 🙂  

  4. Geoff Appleby says:

    That’s just disgusting.

  5. Andrew Coates says:

    Come on Kleefy, you need to get with the program. All good metrosexuals like you should work out that Eggplant has protein too …

  6. Glenda Pearson says:

    BALLS! That veggie lasagne was delish:) And…how do you expect to grow hairs on your chest if you don’t eat your veggies?!!!


    Woofie, aka P9072

  7. aaron says:

    As a vegetarian, I was quite releaved to have something that I could eat for once without having to make a big fuss.

    I’m not one to push my views on others but it was refreshing to see how many non-vegetarian’s thought the Lasagna was great (if some were a little taken back at first).

  8. Luke Notley says:

    So it’s true Michael, you really are a girls blouse!

  9. Luke Notley says:

    Not sure if anyone has noticed by the DVD’s are labelled around the wrong way…..:)

  10. mstrozzo says:

    Lasagna was a shocker – and everyone else I spoke to agreed.  Places are always offering vegetarian alternatives, so they should have a carnivore alternative when they want to serve that rubbish.

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