Security Interchange: Adelaide goes first!

The Security Seminar tour has started! Adelaide kicked off yesterday with the Security Interchange - and I must say I was initially skeptical at the idea of a panel discussion as we advertised it. But it was much better than I thought!

Think of a short presentation of around 10-15 minutes. The presenter pick out a series of topics and concepts from their Security Seminar presentation though not in huge depth but enough for you to understand how to works. Thats essentially the Security Interchange!

So heres Dave Glover doing his bit:

So its still a presentation but with all the fluff and marketing removed. I thought it went very well. half way through there was beer and pizza, everyone enjoyed themselves and got plenty of different information in a short period of time.

Register and Attend one in your state! Brisbane is tomorrow. Be quick!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    So, the team has been to Adelaide,


    and Melbourne

    on the Security Summit


  2. Anonymous says:

    After kicking off at the Adelaide Oval on Tuesday, we continued the sporting theme last night and had…

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