Day 3: Internal Conference: MIIS and Exchange 12…maybe


Using MIIS SP2 and Password Portal to connect to other directories
Identity Management is kinda an interest area for me. In fact in the next Security Summit coming
in February/March 2006 I will be talking on it some more :). In SP2 of MIIS, we are going to release a new password management portal.
It allows for self service and helpdesk reset of passwords with identity confirming questions like "What was your last dead cat's name?" etc.
Mucho goodness and high time I think! The other bit of the presentation was the new SAP Management Agent. This really interested me as Ive done a little bit of SAP work with their BAPI's etc in BizTalk Server. Interestingly we use the BAPI interfaces to call identity provision and reads etc. I was very happy to hear that its SAP certified so as not to break SAP Support contracts through illegal system modification.


Theres another session that I went to on Exchange 12 that I need to find out if I can talk about yet. If I can Ill update this post.

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  1. Mike Seyfang says:

    If you care about identity you must listen to the podcast referred to:

    and subscribe to everything you can from Dick Hardt (and sxip and sxore)

    Love and Kisses

    Fang – Mike Seyfang – LearnDog

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