Annual Leave – yay its time!

Just a quick note to let you know that Im on annual leave till the 2nd of January. Please in the meantime check out my previous post on the Security Summit ideas and give me your feedback – we need it to make sure we’re on the right track with the Security Summit event. Have…


Security Summit 2007 Australia

In my last post on this topic I discussed some ideas we were toying with around the Security Summit. We are trying to meet the needs of the broader community more than just the bigger businesses which tend to have greater technology capabilities than the smaller companies. We are thinking of running two events now. One for…


WADST: SharePoint Fix

In lieu of an immediate patch coming out for SharePoint.  Here’s one method of addressing the issue and would look like this: Modify the TIMEZONE.XML file 1. This is in combination with the OS patch being applied first!!2. Find C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\web server extensions\60\CONFIG\TIMEZONE.XML3. Fix the Perth entry to match the TZ patch for…


WADST: Exchange Server Patch available

OK so as per a previous blog comment, Yes I can confirm a patch exists. If you call PSS and quote KB 928462 the patch you’ll get is for Exchange 2003 SP2 If you call PSS and quote KB 928468 the patch youll get is for Exchange 2003 SP1 Both of these are for OWA only….


WA DST Part 4

Alright – its nearly upon us now. A couple of new things thats come to hand: 1. Windows 2000 now has a patch. Check out the page for more. 2. Theres been a revision to the patch. Go to the download page for it. Theres been a number of fixes including deployment and fixes for…


WA Daylight Savings – Part 3

Good news – the patch for Windows has gone live to the downloads site and can be found here Thanks to David and dogs for making me aware that it released. Theres more to come in December with an Exchange patch coming.   We are about to make the site live on…


WA Daylight Savings Update – Its approved!

I wanted to post a quick update from our end to let you know whats happening. Ive had a flood of emails to ask how quickly we are going to respond in getting out the patches to affected products. Heres the official bit… “…Microsoft is aware of the legislation recently passed before the WA Parliament to initiate…


Security Summit Plans – what do you think?

Currently were in planning for next year’s Security Summit event – likely to be March 2007. I have some ideas Id like to bounce off you to see if you think they are relevant. We havent fully thought about the content yet though the structure is important to make sure that people attend and see…


Red Bull Air Race begins in Perth

Im a huge fan of flying and aircraft in general. I was especially pleased when I heard that the Red Bull Air Race was coming to Perth!! Today I brought in my camera (Canon 350D) and took a couple of shots from my building. Its right on the swan river! Cant wait for the weekend!


Ready Tour continues to Melbourne!

Ive been busy and havent been able to post many photos and resources lately. Ive had a number of common questions that everyone has been asking. 1. Are the slide decks going to be posted? Ans: They already are! They are here! 2. Where can I get the Vista RTM code from? Ans: I blogged…