Crack up of the day: Jesper’s Out of Office Message!

Just had to blog this one....Jesper clearly has too much time on his hands 🙂 Direct encouraging comments to his blog...!

"...December is here, so I am not. There is snow on the ground, so traffic in Seattle has ground to a halt, just like every year.
Guess they'll never learn that just because it says "4x4" in the sales brochure, doing 80 on a sleet-slick road doesn't work all that well.
Fat old bearded guys are getting dressed up like medieval elves, trying to convince little kids that it is really them and not mommy that has any power
over what loot the kids are going to rake in. People are spending whatever obscene amounts of their hard earned dough they weren't already spending on
gas to get the SUV to the mall on their electrical bill to keep the nodding, brightly lit reindeer (which actually looks an awful lot more like a small
whitetail doe than a reindeer) in the front yard nodding through the holidays. And, the kids attention span is about half the usual (2 minutes, give or
take a second or three) as they try to figure out which of the brightly colored toys they absolutely need on Christmas morning, so they can break it by
the time daddy gets his first spiked eggnog, by about 11:15. One of the more traditional (and uplifting things about the whole month) is the familiar tune
of "Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer" playing incessantly on the radio. The whole thing is kind of stressful and depressing, so I figured I'd burn some
vacation and try to hide from it all.

That was the original plan. Then my good friend Jon Wall went and scheduled a security summit in D.C. on December 14 and 15, so now I have to spend a week
 in the nations capital, home of even worse drivers than in Seattle, where a "snow plow" means a Jeep with a shovel tied to the front bumper. I just can't
wait to see the sites of Greenbelt, Silver Spring, and Bethesda, while sitting in traffic on the capital beltway for three hours every morning, watching the
other commuters read the sports section, drink coffee, shave, and possibly also drive every now and then.

By the 16th, I'll be back in Seattle, ignoring your e-mail once again until the new year begins. If you want to book me for more travel next year, I am
currently booked through April. For anything else, put an urgent mark on the message and I will try not to delete it as fast as the others. If you want
to see where I am going, it will all be in my blog:, and/or <,and/or>
on the book web site: <> ..."


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  1. HiltonT says:

    Hi Michael,

    Knowing Jesper, this is right within character for him. I’ve not seen a blog posting this amusing in a long time, let alone an Out of Office message!

    Were Jesper any saner that he is, he’d be nowhere near as much fun!



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