XP Media Center is a winner. Steve Jobs…what was that you said about it?

In the ultimate reversal of a previous statement on Cnet's news.com Apple is set to release a Media Center not unlike Microsoft's Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005. In the next release of Windows Vista, Media Center will now actually become part of some of the SKU's.

"...Asked about Apple's interest in selling Macs that could serve up the video recording abilities Microsoft offers with its Windows XP Media Center Edition, Jobs joked that Apple was instead focused on melding the computer with a toaster.

"I never get mine quite brown," said Phil Schiller, vice president of marketing. "We can do an up-sell for bagels."

Jobs said that he doesn't see such products creating a big market.

"We're not going to go that direction," Jobs said. "There is a small audience that likes this."

Jobs said there are several problems with the Media Center concept, in particular the wide divergence in the way people want to watch television as compared with how they use a computer. "Generally what they want to view on television has to do with turning their mind off," he said.

Jobs said that video recording is processor intensive and is best left to a device that is not doing other things such as playing games or running spreadsheets. "When I want to record 'The West Wing,' I want to make damn sure it records 'The West Wing,'" he said..."


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