Cross File Remote Differential Compression

In my recent playing with Windows Server 2003 R2, Ive been made aware of a neat function in the Enterprise and Datacentre versions of the product within DFS-Replication. Its called Cross File Remote Differential Compression (CF-RDC). Essentially in a standard scenario when no data exists on a target server, a full file copy is required in order to mirror the data. Thats also the same if an individual file is missing...or is it? Imagine this!...

I have a DFS-R server (Ent or Datacenter) on either end and they already have data on both of them. I add a new PPT file based on another PPT already in the share and save it to the source server. CF-RDC on the target server realizes that it already has most of this file based on its existing content and uses that but only replicates whats necessary to complete the huh?!!! That saves bandwidth for sure!

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