Media Centre Musings Part 3?

So in my last few posts about Media Center I talked about reducing bottlenecks in the system etc. On Friday last I bit the bullet and decided to get a Western Digital 200GB SATA 150 Drive and as part of the upgrade, decided to flash the BIOS to the newest I could. Once it was…


US PDC Content now available!

Hey guys – wanted to go to PDC but couldnt afford it? All the content just became available. Michael Swanson posted information on it at his blog!


Upcoming Chat: Branch Office Technologies in R2

Hey guys – one of the DFS team asked me to post this chat – so here it is:   Branch Office Technologies in R2 This chat will focus on the introduction of the new DFS Replication engine. We will discuss the feature set that enables it to efficiently replicate large quantities of data over…


New Initiative: WSYP

Here is something interesting:  Mauro Meanti, the Microsoft EMEA Server & Tools Business Group General Manager, revealed an initiative that demonstrates the extremes to which the company is prepared to go, to improve its connection with customers. This initiative is code named WSYP (pronounced ‘we-zi-p’) and is demonstrated in a video published in an IT…


TechEd 2006: Call for technical session papers

TechEd 2006 planning has just begun and with that Im happy to announce that we are starting the call for technical papers a lot earlier than previous years. TechEd 2005 was a huge success with the number of sessions more than doubling to over 150, and a total conference size numbering at 2,500 we have…


XP Media Center is a winner. Steve Jobs…what was that you said about it?

In the ultimate reversal of a previous statement on Cnet’s Apple is set to release a Media Center not unlike Microsoft’s Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005. In the next release of Windows Vista, Media Center will now actually become part of some of the SKU’s. “…Asked about Apple’s interest in selling Macs that could…


Windows Server R2 webcasts

Hey more webcasts just got released! Unfortunately they are all level 200 though…will have to do something about that and make some depth ones…. • Introduction to Windows Server 2003 R2 Take a tour of the new Windows Server 2003 R2 software, covering the Windows Server release cycle, product roadmap, and business benefits of Windows…


Small Business Server 2003: Helping out a friend

Today was my first ever touch at SBS 2003 – in a production situation. Ive never actually seen much of it before and because its all linked up together I was kinda reticent (retentive?) to use it. A friend called me though because he needed a hand…and as I had never used it before I…


SQL Server User Group: Perth meeting

Business Intelligence (BI) technologies are emerging as important tools for businesses that need to analyse, report and scorecard their data. The challenge for today’s business is to provide the right data to the right people at the right time, and meeting this challenge is about employing the right tools. SQL Server 2005 builds on the…


Victoria.NET Presentation: Hardening Windows Server.

No its not about encasing your Windows Server in concrete….:) A week or so back I presented on “Hardening Windows Server 2003: Best Practises” at Victoria.NET. Its a repeat of my TechEd Australia session. Thanks Dave for organising it! A few people have been asking me for the slide deck which can be found here. Ive…