Media Centre Musings Part two

I talked about my Media Centre beginnings a couple of days ago and well...I just havent been happy with my machine. You see it only has a Pentium III 733 in it and an old Nvidia GeForce 2 card in it and well - HDTV just didnt happen on it. SDTV had enough trouble. Cant have that...and (no surprise really) I found my Media Centre getting really proc bound. So today I lashed out and spent the money on getting rid of the bottleneck. Im buying:

I think that should make it sing - but I hear you say, "why is he buying a 64 bit proc when Media Centre only ships as 32bit"....Im buying for the next OS when it probably will work 🙂 I would have liked to use PCIe but the budget wouldnt let me do it - so I compensated by getting a video card with more RAM on it to prevent a bottleneck occurring...

Will report the success on Monday when its built and done 🙂



Comments (4)

  1. Michael LEwis says:

    I was put onto your Blog by the Adeliade SQL User group, great blog… I am currently downloading the tech Ed vids.

    I am using a Dell Precision 530 for my MCE2005 box, it works well. However I just went to Harvey Normans looking for a media extender… all they had was a Belkin media streaming product not a true MCE extender. Is there anywhere in Australia where i can buy a true MCE extender… or should i just wait for the Xbox360????

  2. Eric says:

    Hi Michael

    What remote and IR receiver are you using ? if any. The MSFT one ? how did you get it if you build your own MCE ?

  3. mkleef says:

    I dont think you can get MCE extenders here in AU – they have them in the US. Try the CompUSA website at and see. They have the Xbox ones but be aware that the XBOX MCE extender is only available on the US XBOX as it use NTSC.

  4. mkleef says:

    You can get the MCE remote from AusPCmarket at Software comes either OEM or MSDN/Action Pack subscriptions.

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