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So for awhile Ive been committed to building a Media Center...plenty of other in my team have. Jeffa has one hooked up to his Foxtel. Dave Glover talks about it a I thought Id petition the family for the best Fathers Days present a guy can have....uh-huh...a HDTV card for my PC. I already had MCE 2004 on it already and given it didnt support HDTV, I knew that it would be an upgrade to MCE2005.

Its now been the better part of a week - the upgrade ran fine but what used to be a working Media Center that displayed WMV's and movies happily suddenly didnt. I got the dreaded black screen with no video and audio playing happily in the background. Instantly I thought what every other person had thought...damn you Media Center....:) How could a working Media Center suddenly go so bad? I thought of codecs, I applied the MCE2005 Rollup...tried everything on the downloads site. Then I tried a new video card in it - I used the trusty ATI Radeon 9550 w/ 256MB that I used for my Vista demos and the Media Center drivers. Hey Presto it worked! Video started playing happily and my HDTV sprang into life.....ah the world is nice in High Definition...

Comments (2)

  1. Andrew Dugdell says:

    For those of us about to do the same – What HDTV card are you using?

  2. mkleef says:

    Im using the Comppro DVB-T200 card….works very well!

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