Day 3 and 4: TechEd USA

Tips for running WinXP with Least Privilege

I went to this session even though its not on the TechEd AU agenda. He had some great threat mitigation examples of using Least User Access (LUA) to prevent against malicious attacks such as Rootkits, Malware and some viruses.

He demonstrated extensive useful use of RunAs and how home users can protect themselves but also covered why applications don’t run in a "user" context.

It was webcast though so take a look for yourself!

In fact you can view a few TechEd USA sessions on the webcast live. Because TechEd US is in Eastern time that makes it 12 hrs the difference from Perth and 14 hours for east coast. That means you can catch the morning webcasts at a decent time rather than 2 am! They should be available on demand as usual.


Active Directory Recovery Planning

I thought this one was good and it will be at TechED AU. It covers recovery from single DC and multi DC scenarios but also provides guidance on whole forest recovery and even object level recovery. A good one overall that I rated as a 300 level session.


Exchange Track

Spoke with the PM for one of the sessions I felt was a little low on content that he will be presenting in Australia which is "Accessing Exchange Server from your mobile device". We're going to raise the content depth of the session so that its a proper level 300 session 🙂 Also talked to him about his other sessions which is Outlook Client Access to the Internet. I think this one will be good and provide guidance on placement of frontend Exchange resources and configuration for security.

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