Day 2: TechEd USA: Paul Flessner talks about connected systems

Really good keynote on connected systems - talking about Visual Studio, SQL Server 2005 and BizTalk 2006. Did some great performance and failover demos of SQL 2005 as well as a beautiful RFID demo with Visual Studio 2005.

Now for a useless piece of information: We counted 14 separate "super excited" or "super important" statements 🙂 The bingo was set at 10 and nearly shouted "bingo" but held back for obvious reasons.


Architecting and Deploying WSUS

Good session and a funny presenter that connected well with the audience

Level 300 expectation I think was met. The session was fully packed in a big room.

Good architecture stuff for both small and larger businesses and included troubleshooting issues. Liked it a lot.

Nailed the presentation and really delivered a relevant session. I was so impressed with him that I asked him to present at TechEd AU and NZ. He's coming!


How to get your network hacked in 10 easy steps

The ever popular Jesper Johanssen does a session on how networks get hacked even though they are up to date with patches etc. I once saw a session like this in an internal conference; I loved it then and loved this one too. This one was based on the same principles of exploiting a "vulnerability" and poor security practises. He said it was going to be a 400 level session and it was.

We will have him at TechEd AU and NZ!


Simple SAN deployments with Windows Server 2003 R2

This one said 300 level but I felt it was 200 level. Lots of "you can do this" but little of the "how tos" and depth that I normally correlate with a 300 level session. He presented well though but didn’t have the depth I'm looking for. Was after a scenario based session and a configuration walkthrough but didn’t get it. Will probably ramp this up for TechEd AU and NZ to provide stronger guidance and how to information.

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