Windows Server 2003 SP1 Known Issues: Follow Up Part 1

Cathy who's in the SMS/MOM team sent me an email on the SMS 2003 Issue with WS2003 SP1 that I referred to last post:

"...Based on a comment  I checked out KB article 896367 and followed up with our SMS app compat team. Apparently the CCR issue was a bug in the RTM version of SMS 2003 that was fixed in SMS 2003 SP1. It had nothing to do with Windows 20003 SP1. I have requested that the KB article be changed.

I turned in some updates to the FAQ last week, though they obviously don't contain any reference to any CCR issues with Windows 2003 SP1. The updates should be live any day now. And we will continue to update the FAQ as we discover any additional issues.

We'd appreciate it if you would pass this along to your readers so we don't have a phantom CCR issue out there for Windows 2003 SP1 application compatibility.



And duly blogged! 🙂

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