Proposal: Migrating UNIX workloads to Windows session at TechEd

Session proposal for TechEd AU and NZ...Anyone like the idea of this one?? If you want it...Ill put it in!


Migrating Unix workloads to Windows Server 2003. Why and how.

This session provides an in depth look at migrating workloads from Unix system to Windows Server 2003 using SFU 3.5 and the new R2 Subsystem for Unix Applications. Topic covered will include:

- The business case for workload migration (brief)

- Interoperabilty and Migration Solution Overview and roadmap (includes SFU 3.5 and R2 SUA subsystem).

- The Interix/SUA subsystem architecture and Win32 interoperability.

- Migration candidate assessment criteria and migration options.

- The decision matrix for re-platforming (i.e. Windows version from ISV), porting (i.e recompile same source) or re-writing and extending with .Net.

- Migration demo. Extending an existing Unix executable (or shell script) with .Net and exposing as a web service.

- Understanding the benefits and constraints of migration vs re-write. (i.e what works well and what to avoid)

- A case study

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