Provisioning AD accounts using MIIS

So I did a blogcast about a month ago and a person asked me, "How do you provision down to Active Directory?".

Easy. So I did these two blogcasts to show you how....

  • Part 1: Shows how to get Identity data from a HR source (in my case its Oracle) into the metaverse

  • Part 2: Shows how to get the Identity data from the metaverse into Active Directory (included some extra bits for Exchange too in the code)

  • Code for the HRMA agent is here
  • Code for the ADMA agent is here
  • Code for the Metaverse is here

With the code, remove the .txt appended at the end...obviously!

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  2. Anonymous says:

       Identity management (IdM) is a very hot issue right now. All of my customers are asking…

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