Migrating from Windows Server POP3 Mail to Exchange 2003.

Michael Wood asked me today about migrating from the “free” POP3 mail in Windows Server to Exchange 2003.


Great question! Exchange 2003 provides a Migration Wizard to migrate from a variety of sources…unfortunately POP3 isn’t one of them! If Windows POP3 only had IMAP then it could be easy! J

We provide Exmerge to do interorg migrations between forests...do we provide a POP3 migration tool? No.


Given that most people pull the data off a POP3 server and store it in a data file client side anyway it becomes a little tricky to get the data.

So what’s your choices? Well there’s plenty of tools out there that will migrate from client applications to a server based service. In my little bit of play around testing I saw a program called UniAccess which can take data from Outlook Express, Netscape Mail and Mozilla files and dump it out to Microsoft Exchange 2003. Theres more tools at the Microsoft Exchange website.


Depending on how you do the process though, it can be a very manual operation or if youre clever, then you can script the operation as well. Take a look in the Exchange TechCenter for more information and help!

Comments (2)

  1. Greg Low says:

    Hi Michael,

    We had good experiences just by importing the personal folder (or whatever the client has been storing the data from the pop3 in) back into exchange once outlook was connected to it.



  2. Michael Kleef says:

    Yep I know of that way too. Outlook 2003 can sync to multiple content sources and you can set it up via a transform file to automatically configure the Exchange 2003 settings while retaining the old ones. Because its in a PST file you can then drag the mail into your Exchange mailbox (you probably could script that too though I havent tried)

    and pull out the POP3 settings (again via MST) to switch over fully to Exchange. Can be kinda manual though.

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