Windows Update Suggestions: Security Summit Q&A Feedback

Cristian also asked:

"...When you configure it via GPO to update from your local WUS or SUS all the options become greyed out, which is fine..

However, I would appreciate a button with a Update from WUS/SUS now! in that area, this will help me a lot to make sure the settings are correct or to tell users how to update immediately if in need..

May be you can relay this request to MS?..."


Did you know about Its the primary conduit for people to provide qualified feedback through to the product teams. The Windows product teams are watching this site for your feedback. Put your qualified feedback there. What do I mean by qualified? Cristian obviously has a business need for this so that he could direct users to perform a specific action if they need to rather than waiting for the poll cycle to occur potentially a day later. Providing feedback like this, where you have taken the time to articulate why that feature or function is important is key to us understanding your needs. Thanks Cristian. Please direct your feedback to this website! 🙂

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