MIIS 2003 Service Pack 1: Security Summit Q&A Response

Cristian Croitoru asked: MIIS 2003 can be installed (AFAIK) only on Enterprise version of W2K3; apparently Service Pack was supposed to enable installation on the standard server (why on earth there was a restriction at the beginning I would not have a clue). However I could not figure out how to install the MIIS 2003 and, then apply the SP to be able to install on Standard 🙂 🙂

Well Cristian, Its confirmed. Service Pack 1 for MIIS 2003 has support for SQL Server 2000 Standard but still requires Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition.

Heres a link to MIIS Service Pack 1  and here to the System Requirements


Did you know that theres also a Resource Toolkit been released?

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