Live Communications Server User Provision qtn: Security Summit Q&A Response

Rob Asked:

"...We are deploying a few SIP Servers in client sites to eliminate attack vectors from external instant messenger issues. I know that Microsoft has deployed this technology extensively across all of its branches, however I question how this is REALLY possible, as I set up SIP and Instant Messaging for about 60 users last week and to go to each users tab in Active Directory, click SIP Accounts on, configure their email addresses etc took FOREVER. Let alone on each workstation configuring SIP connection profiles and setting up contact lists for every user in the organisation to see every OTHER user without manually doing it. There MUST be a simpler way to do it, particularly if you guys deployed it amongst a workforce of your size. Do you have any inside info on the easiest way to deploy large scale SIP and Internal Messaging solutions using Office Live! 2003 Server and Windows Messenger 5.0?...:"


Heres the answer to the first question! There are WMI scripts that you can use to bulk provision users.  Look in the LCS Server ResKit for these.  You can download it from:



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