Security Summit – Brisbane

Amazing! Brisbane has a higher attendance at the Security Summit than Melbourne and Sydney! We even have people flying up from Sydney to attend for those that missed out on the event there!

Anyhow, as usual, if you attended my sessions at the Security Summit on "SMS and MOM" and "Identity Management", post your comments against this article. Once the summit is said and done (end of next week) Ill respond to them all and post articles in response so that everyone can gain the value of the answers....



Comments (3)

  1. Cristian Croitoru says:

    MIIS 2003 can be installed (AFAIK) only on Enterprise version of W2K3; apparently Service Pack was supposed to enable installation on the standard server (why on earth there was a restriction at the beginning I would not have a clue).

    However I could not figure out how to install the MIIS 2003 and, then apply the SP to be able to install on Standard 🙂 🙂

    Any suggestions will be appreciated


    Cristian Croitoru

  2. MattyT says:

    Suuuure, there may be more people at Brissy…but which Summit was better?? 😉

  3. Scott Garner says:

    I’ve noticed that SQL Server 2000 services can be set with to run under a groupless user account with minimal permissions (the configuration wizard sets the permissions on resources that are required). What are mininum priviliages required for each component of MOM and SMS to run properly in a similar manner?



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