Security Summit – Sydney

Jeff and I (along with many others) are on the Microsoft Security Summit presenting in six cities. Jeff’s doing a session on “Defense in Depth against malicious software” and I’m doing “Managing a Windows Server 2003 Environment – SMS and MOM” and “Identity and Access Management”.

We just did the Sydney one yesterday and will be presenting in Canberra tomorrow. Looking forward to seeing people there.

If you were at the Sydney event and wanted to ask a question that either I could answer at the time or you needed to leave, then feel free to post a comment to this article and Ill answer them in my blog posts.

Looking forward to your responses!


Comments (1)

  1. Oleg says:

    Thank you Michael for your presentation in Sydney.

    I asked you about exporting/importing packages from/to SMS (from testing environment to prod one f.i). Can I do it by SMS (additional pack?) or do I need third-party software?

    And is there any way for patch management to operate with group of hotfixes? It’s really nightmare to put all switches like "q123456_blah_blah_blah /q /z" into each fix. And switches for windows, IE and office are not the same.


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