TechEd 2005 Australia Planning: Part 2

Last post I asked about what events you would want to see at TechEd 2005. Now Im interested in some other feedback that could help us make TechEd 2005 better and easier to attend;

1. If you couldnt come to TechEd before, what was it that prevented you from attending?

Common issues are cost, depth of content and time out of the office (only person on staff etc). Im curious to know what others there are aswell.

2. If you did attend TechEd before:

A: What did you like that we should not change

B: If you had a chance to suggest something, what would be something that you would want that you think others would love too.

These questions are open to not only Australia, but the rest of the world too! Feedback wanted! If you send me a comment, please check back as I will post a response to your comment.

Comments (4)

  1. Gavin says:

    TechEd 2004 was my first visit. I gained a lot of information… Some of which I am still trying to implement.

    Overall I couldnt fault the information presented.

    The opportunities for 1 on 1 sessions with speakers was excellent.

    Personally the only thing that I would have changed was perhaps how cold it was in Canberra.

    Otherwise the opening keynote was very interesting, the hands on labs were great, the party was fantastic! Closing was not as interesting as I thought it may have been.

    About the only other thing is better wireless access. The wireless access in 2004 was a little ordinary.

  2. Michael Kleef says:

    Good feedback. Yes the wireless wasnt fantastic…will provide that feedback through.

    The venue this year is the Gold Coast which should be much better for the weather…

    Which track did you attend? Dev or IT Pro (Windows, Exchange, ISA, Security kinda stuff)

  3. A lot of the labs seemed to have technical problems, or the documentation was faulty. They should really do more QA testing on the labs.

    Also, wireless access seemed a bit spotty, or overwhelmed at the number of concurrent connections.

  4. Gavin says:

    I attended the IT Pro track.

    Primarely I went to Windows, Group Policy, Server, Security, Virtual Server, MOM, SMS etc etc Pretty much a little of everything. No Exchange as I dont look after it this point.

    Jesper J (Security)and Steve R (Social Engineering) presentations are probably the ones that stick in my mind the most.

    I guess what I am looking for from TechEd are things that I can use to make my job easier, and make my environment more secure and at the same time, enjoy easier management and to also see examples of how things should be done.

    Also to see new Tech and how to implement it.

    It was very interesting to hear the accounts of the speakers who work on large scale deployments, or managing a large environment and gain little snippets of information. Which I can then take back to work amd try and implement to some extent with no budget and no hardware to do it.

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