EOI: Preparing for TechEd 2005 Australia/NZ

Im going to be owning the TechEd 2005 IT Pro content track for Australia and NZ. The USA is pretty much done on the content ideas side with theirs but before I use the content from them I thought that I’d ask the community first about what they want to hear.

So, what are the problems youre seeing that you’d like answers to in TechEd 2005 Australia and NZ?

Im interested in Windows client and server, ISA, Security, Exchange and Management specifically. Tell me if youre interested in design aspects, troubleshooting issues, best practises etc and if its good Ill look to including in the agenda.

Send me your thoughts!

Comments (4)

  1. Gavin says:

    Security, Server SP2, Server Management, Virtualisation and Longhorn Desktop/Server (Just to keep us interested).

    Hopefully I get the opportunity to attend again.

  2. Michael Kleef says:

    Hmm. Good feedback. Need more information.

    Security – What exactly. Wireless? 802.1x? Host hardening? threat modelling? risk analysis?

    Server SP2 – bit early yet. What about Exchange SP2?

    Virtualisation – cool. Had planned for that. Anything specific that you would want to see? Performance bottlenecks, that kinda thing or stuff like VSMT?

    Longhorn Desktop/Server – well you’ll just have to wait and see!! 🙂

    Migration and replatforming – Novell migration? UNIX replatforming? what about those?

  3. charles says:

    Zero Touch?

  4. Michael Kleef says:

    Nice. I was thinking around the Business Desktop Deployment stuff, but thats even better. Little difficult to convey in an hour presentation though but we can try to convey the main bits. Will look at that one seriously.

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