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Recently Ive been doing a number of demos of SMS 2003 and MOM 2005. I had to set up an environment to do it though in my lab which has 6 HP DL380 G4 Proliants, 3 of which run Virtual Server 2005 and have dual hyperthreaded proc's with 6GB RAM. I wanted to make sure that the images I have were kept up to date and fully monitored, so I built a system and demo'd it to people..:)

I found in my server build that the install for SMS 2003 isnt quite as slick as Exchange 2003 - if Exchange doesnt have the required pre-requisites it stops the install process. SMS 2003 just installs and then you need to work out why its not working right....:) So to get it working right make sure you do the following as a set of very basic prerequisite steps...more documentation is on the Product Documentation website or in the SMS 2003 help as part of the install.

  • Install Windows Server 2003 and patch - join it to the Active Directory domain if you have it
  • Install SQL 2000 with SP3a installed (SMS 2003 against SQL 2000 on a cluster isnt supported though)
  • Install IIS 6.0 and make sure you also install BITS and ASP.NET
  • Go into IIS Management and enable WebDAV
  • In Active Directory, if the System Management container is already created (you find this by switching on the Advanced Options and going into the System container in AD Users and Computers), add the machine account to the security list and give it appropriate permissions so that the SMS Server can create the necessary objects
  • You also need to set the Service Principal Name for the SQL Server in AD aswell. Q829868 has the answer to help you to do this

This gets you to a point where you can complete the install without major errors.  

Next make sure that accounts you are installing with have appropriate permissions to complete install and be able to extend the schema in Active Directory.

Go ahead and do the install. Make sure you check for errors in the Error Log and System Status/Site Status area of the SMS Administrator Console. You should be able to start switching on the individual components of SMS such as the Management Point, Reporting etc and enabling the BITS functions of the Distribution Point now because of the prerequisites being met. Oh and install SMS 2003 SP1!

Comments (5)

  1. Anonymous says:

    So a new version of SMS is dawning on us…and one that Im very excited about aside from the new name!

  2. Jeff25 says:

    Do you have any additional info on ‘not supported on SQL cluster’?

  3. Michael Kleef says:

    Yep Jeff. SMS 2003 wont install against a SQL cluster. Tried it and it failed. Couldnt understand why. Asked the product team and they told me that it doesnt work and isnt supported.

  4. Ed Aldrich MVP/SMS says:

    Great overview, Michael…

    As a suggestion, you might want to include the steps needed if installing on Win Server 2000 (vs 2003) and the associated IIS v5 since there are different procedures needed (no WebDAV check, BITS enabling, etc)…

  5. Michael Kleef says:

    Ed…lead the way and Ill link to you! 🙂 Or send me your steps and Ill include it here.

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