Sydney Company Meeting

Had a company meeting this week in Sydney. Always good to get together and meet your peers face to face. The unfortunate bit is the time away from your family and when you have small children like I do, it means your wife has no-one else to take the load from her. What makes it worse is she’s ill this week and still having to deal with it all…. not great for her….

I was mainly just catching up with everyone at the meeting including all the extended team like Frank and Andrew. Earlier in the week, we did some planning aswell about all the great stuff we want to do and the great events and content we want to bring to you all. When we finally get the TechNet Lounge added content sorted out Ill be a lot happier including getting the event calendar published and running. Need to chat with the speakers first to make sure we have the right content and depth coming around. If you have any ideas please send them through and we will look to take it on board.

Also, have you seen anything on DSI yet? Might blog a bit more tomorrow about how cool it is….


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