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Im now working on getting the Special Interest Group (SIG) events calendar worked out for FY05 with the rest of the team. We intend to post the complete list to the TechNet Lounge website once we're happy with it. I have a view that many IT Pros and Applications people dont attend our events because the content isnt deep enough for them or that they could find it on the web easily enough otherwise. Do you agree? Give feedback! I want to know your thoughts.

Anyway, so I ask a few people in MSFT and some of my IT Pro mates and we are doing some thinking that maybe it would be a good idea to change the format of the SIG events and send a webcast link in preparation for the event to get everyone on the same page and then on the day of the event split the SIG session in half, present the first half of deeper content and demo and then have the second half as a chalk talk with lots of scenario Q&A stuff. We're thinking that this will raise the bar to a point where IT Pros will get plenty of value with lots of “how tos” and “best practises” that they can take advantage of. Again, looking for your feedback.

If you used to get emails from us with event invites in AU but arent now, then click the link to join TechNet Flash or the TechNet Lounge and get the invites sent to you again. Unfortunately the new SPAM laws in Australia prohibits us from emailing you unless you opt in.

Comments (2)

  1. Serdar Kilic says:

    Hi Michael,

    The link to the TechNet Lounge is a 404. I sort of dropped out mainly because 1) I stopped getting notified of them (maybe to do with the privacy laws you mention), and 2) Location. Microsoft premises are more accessible to me know than the Grace Hotel in town.

  2. Greg Low says:

    Hi Michael,

    If you could fix this, you’d be a god. I go into the Technet Lounge, my profile has all newsletters ticked, I have all contact methods ticked, etc. yet I haven’t received any type of newsletter from Microsoft for months. I also can’t find anyone who this can be discussed with.

    Please feel free to try to work it out. I’d appreciate it.

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